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-> Im happy where i live (in ireland) , abortion is illigal and are governments have said "no" to it for years , if people have unportected sex they should know it can result in a child . They have options other then termanating the pregnancy such as adoption to parents who couldn't concieve and still keep in contact , with help from family and friends bring up the child or take the best thing Contraceptive's ! ! It would be a horrible situation to be in but i would not ABORT

-> One expert who spoke at the United Nations estimates that up to 200 million women and girls are missing worldwide because of sex-selective abortion and female infanticide.

-> Actually rape victims count as having a health risk. Mental health is just as important as physical. In fact prolonged trauma causes physical changes in the brain which causes the medical condition ptsd. Forcing rape victims to remain pregnant against their will is indeed raping them twice by robbing them of their bodies a second time. It is revictimizing them again. No woman who has been sexually violated should then be forced to experience the sexual violation of forced pregnancy.

-> Disgusting fuck’s, it's a life not a fetus, I consider as soon as it's a conceived a baby.

-> Everyone keeps saying on here, if it's rape, it's OK to have an abortion. In this country (USA), the percentage of abortions performed based on rape or illness is the slimmest.

-> There isn't any problem with abortion; it's a woman's choice and especially being under 18. It's the smartest thing to do. Getting pregnant that young fucks up your life, school, everything and I wouldn't want something like that to ruin it.

-> poor poor kids

-> Their are no reasons to kill them at such a late stage, maybe these little twits should keep their legs closed or have the tubes tied, many people everywhere are trying to adopt unwanted children. I am disgusted and this woman will die and go to hell.

-> AHH!! 80% of Russian women have abortions?!! :-( SO heartbreaking and SO SO WRONG.

-> This movie made me cry.

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